The most commonly used Osteopathic techniques include:

  • Soft tissue massage to reduce muscle tension
  • Articulation or gentle joint movement to improve nutrition in and around the joint cavity and to increase the joints range of motion.
  • Inhibition / Neuromuscular Release to specific points on a muscle to release acute "muscle spasm", without causing further irritation to inflamed tissues....this is sometimes called 'Trigger-Pointing"
  • Manipulation ('clicking') and mobilization (moving) to increase the range of motion of a specific joint
  • Visceral techniques to influence the body's organs - reducing soft tissue adhesions and improving circulation and function.
  • Osteopathy in the Cranial Field is a technique often used to treat babies and children but can be used in the treatment anyone.  It is a very gentle technique that works on the subtle involuntary movements of our skeleton, soft tissues & fluids. 
  • Stretching of tight or shortened muscles. (which you may also be shown how to do at home)
  • Your Osteopath may show you strength exercises to do at home to strengthen weakened muscle groups and create better stability for your body.

Coupled with manual techniques advice is also provided on posture, ergonomics (mechanical use of the body) and nutritional supplementation.

Osteopaths use their gadgets or machines.


With exercise prescription we aim to empower you to manage and maintain your body's muscle balance and health, to reduce vulnerability and help prevent future re-injury.