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If you are experiencing pain in your body,  joint stiffness, if you have suffered a sports injury or experience headaches, come and see one of our experienced Osteopaths at Tessa Craven Osteopathic Clinic in Mount Maunganui.

We treat a wide variety of body complaints including:

Back or Neck Pain,  Muscle Strain or Joint Sprain, Headaches, Sports Injuries,  Arthritic Pain,  Pregnancy Pain, Digestive Problems, Rotator Cuff Injuries and 'Frozen shoulder', injury and post-operative Rehabilitation and many more ailments.

Clinic Staff

Our Team of Osteopaths: Tessa Craven, Alice Edme &t Victoria Hugget

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As Osteopaths, we are often asked 'What is Osteopathy?' As part of our treatment we use a variety of techniques to encourage a natural healing process to occur within the body. 

 These techniques include Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Mobilisation, Stretching, Spinal Adjustment/Manipulation (better known as 'clicking')

we provide information for home stretching or strengthening exercises. 

We accept many referrals from local GPs, however, as we are ACC registered, there is no need to see your GP first for a referral if you would like to come directly to us.

We aim to empower our patients by educating them on their bodies and their injuries so they can eventually self-manage.  This keeps Osteopathy affordable, as the necessity for multiple treatments is reduced.


Osteopathy can sometimes be seen as a combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment;

We include the manipulation/adjustment you would receive with a Chiropractor, but also the muscle work and exercises you would get from a physiotherapist. 

In addition to this, we also use very unique Osteopathic techniques, of which some are mentioned above.  Our treatments are longer than Chiropractic treatment (we allow 40 minutes per patient) and are not very different in cost.  This allows for thorough consultation and case history-taking and a comprehensive and varied treatment for the body.

Due to the vast array of techniques we use; Osteopathy is suitable for all ages in life, from babies to elderly, the treatment is tailored to the individual's needs.

We also use Osteopathy to treat animals, most commonly Dogs and Horses

We have discounts for children, students, Community Service Card and Gold Card holders.

Book your Osteopathic Appointment with Tessa, Chris or Alice here at your local Mount Osteopathic Clinic.

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 the Team:

Our Clinic Team includes Tessa Craven, Victora huggett & Alice Edme