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Canine & Equine Manual Therapy

Tessa has completed a diploma in Animal Osteopathy with Stuart McGregor of the McGregory Centre for Animals, UK.

Just like us, all animals can suffer joint and muscle sprains and strains.

Many dogs and horses used in ‘work’ undergo daily physical strains performing their duties.  If their musculo-skeletal systems are not functioning optimally, their performance suffers.  This may manifest as early fatigue, lameness, irritability, poor posture/form or asymmetry of movement.

Not just work animals suffer, family dogs or horses racing around on the beach or paddock, or in play with one another will often suffer from injuries.

We still use the Four Osteopathic principles as human practice:

1 – Structure and Function are reciprocally interrelated

2 – Good Circulation is Paramount

3 – The Body Functions as a Unit;

Body (structural/functional & biochemical), Mind & Spirit

4 – The Body has an Inherent ability to Heal & Self-Regulate

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What happens in a treatment?

Just like with people, a case history is taken of the animal and its particular issue, there is an examination of movement and palpation (feel) of the muscles and joints, then a treatment using Osteopathic techniques specific for the animal are performed.

Often one or two follow-up treatments will be required to recheck the animal and reinforce what was done at the previous treatment as well as deal with underlying issues that may have become more apparent.

Treatment times vary, but in general we have a shorter window of time that an animal will tolerate treatment compared to people, they also tend to respond much quicker to treatment than us humans.  

Hands-on treatment times may range from 15 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on what needs to be done and how the animal responds – sometimes with quadrupeds, less is more.

Cats - if handle-able, are of course able to receive treatment too.


Horses $120 per session

I come to you, or meet at a pre-agreed stables.  This Price includes travel within 45 minutes. Extra charges for increased travel.

Dogs $65 per session

You bring your dog to the clinic, at a pre-booked appointment time.

Currently booking times for dogs are: Tues & Wed 11:20am and Thurs 3:40pm.

Animals can be booked online, just choose a time listed above.